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  |   Monday, December 17, 2018


We are very pleasure to introduce as the leading news website of Nepal, published by Danfe Network Private Limited, registered on Company Register Office ( Registered No: 125530) and Press Council Nepal (Registered No:…….).

It is an ideal online medium for social changes through varieties of news coverage. Our targeted readers are those who are in touch of latest version of news medium i.e. Online news. We address to all kinds of readers/viewers who are either live in their native or foreign countries. The is a complete e-magazine where news comprises the major component.

This portal encompasses all the elements that should be present in a complete magazine. The site has been added features like; News Features, Photo Features, Business News, varieties of Interview, Life Story, Story of Success person, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, IT, Literature, World News and so on .

We also publish Special Stories related content for local readers. Our visitors represent from all countries, backgrounds, ages, and professions. So, we are committed to publish varieties of subject matter to address their interest, requirement and positive changes.

This pioneering attempt by Lumbinitimes is bound to integrate the local Diaspora with their homeland more effectively. It also has been designed to target global viewers with a deep interest in Nepal.

Let us get together to achieve commercial goal and target of your business. offers different options of advertisement designed to accommodate your needs and targets.