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  |   Saturday, November 18, 2017
Home Minister says govt will aware India on SSB firing
Home Minister says govt will aware India on SSB firing

KATHMANDU : Home Minister Shakti Bahadur Basnet informed the meeting of the State Affairs Committee of the Legislature-Parliament held on Wednesday about the firing by the Seema Suraksha Bal, the Indian border security force, at Bhantabari in Sunsari today morning.

Minister Basnet said that four Nepalis were injured when the SSB opened fire at them while they were bringing in fertilisers from India.

He also said that the firing took place 100 meters away from the Nepal-India border in the Nepali territory.

The Home Minister also said that they would apprise the Indian embassy in Nepal of the incident after collecting detailed information about the matter and necessary steps would be taken thereafter.

On a different context, speaking at the meeting, Minister Basnet said that the government was active and serious towards normalizing life across the country by sorting out problems of the country like lack of essentials and petroleum products due to the unofficial blockade by India.

He also added that the government was working with due priority to stem black marketing and distribute stored petroleum products in on equitable manner.

The Minister informed that some clashes occurred in the Tarai during the agitations while in an effort to retaliate against those protesters resorting to attacking police personnel on duty.

Informing that the government was working with much responsibility towards normalizing life across the nation and clearing obstructions on the highways, Minister Basnet said that the government is committed to maintaining peace and security and taking action against those resorting to arson and vandalism during the protest.

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